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differences. it's not only a farm bill, it's a trade bill, it's a hunger bill, a conservation bill, deficit reduction bill, it's also a job creation bill. we passed a bipartisan bill twice in the senate. we had the republicans and democrats. we each had to give some but we did it. we assured a farm bill that supports nation farmers, rural communities, alleviates hunger, reforms commodity programs, ends trade destroying policy, creates jobs and saves taxpayers $24 billion. not bad. on dairy, farmers across the country support a margin insurance program. one that has to work in tandem with the market stabilization program. i hear this from the kitchen tables to the high school gymnasiums in the farm areas, agriculture areas in my state. we've done that in the senate bill. farmers remember the dairy crisis of 2009. they know the insurance program alone is not enough. if we don't have stabilization, we're going to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of additional dollars, virtually guarantee another dairy crisis, will put people out of business. so there's a number of other things, which i'll p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1